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The Smart Alternative
To A Business Loan

The Invoice Market (tim.) offers an innovative flexible funding solution which is like an unsecured business loan provides your business the cash it needs today,, but without the high fixed interest charges, regular payments or the usual minimum term (6 to 12 months+) as loans typically are.

There’s no upfront setup costs and it’s easy to apply online. Once approved your business will have immediate access to cash to pay its bills and grow.

Fast 5-Minute Online Application

It only takes 30 seconds & won’t affect your credit score!

tim. Invoice Finance vs Business Loans

tim. Invoice FinanceBusiness Loans
Revolving Facility

A line of credit which guarantees the lender a maximum sum of funds at any given time, which can can be drawn-down/used as and when its needed. The amount that is used (drawn down) fluctuates up and down each month depending on the cash flow needs.
No Fixed Repayment Period

No fixed time period (e.g. 6 or 12 months) by which the funds need to be repaid.
No Property Security Required

No requirement to provide personal property to guarantee the “loan”.
No Weekly/Monthly Repayments

No repayments required at all. When your client/debtor pays their invoice only at that time is a small fee paid to tim.

No Monthly Interest Rate Charged

Online & Quick

The use of technology to apply for the facility, instead of the old-fashioned way of completing paper based forms. Of course we do also accept paper based applications.

Money Available Within 24 Hours of Approval

Simple One-off Amount Charged

A small percentage of the invoice value. Just like giving an upfront settlement discount to your customers.
No Minimum Lock-in Periods

There is no minimum timeframe that you need to fund with tim. There is no fixed contract period. There is a come and go option to choose from.
Limited Recourse

tim’s market leading credit insurance policy, tim.Secure, protects your business should your customer/s not pay your invoices due to their insolvency or protracted default. This provides you with peace of mind knowing that your customers’ insolvency will not effect your cash flow.

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How does it work?

  • You tell us how much money you need and provided you have sufficient debtors (unpaid invoices) in your ledger, we will provide you with the required funds.
  • As your debtor/s pay their invoices as per your current payment terms with them, you are then able to repeat the process of re-drawing the funds you require, over and over. The tim. “business loan” or invoice finance as we like to call it, can be utilised as and when you need it.
  • We offer flexible funding facilities ranging from $50,000 to $5.0 million.
  • You can draw on these funds at any time and for any amount (minimum: $50,000 per month) provided you have at least sufficient outstanding debtors for the amount you require.
  • It is the same concept as offering an early settlement discount in return for a debtor paying their invoice/s immediately.
  • Even if you can’t get a business loan or overdraft, you can qualify for our financing as it is based on your current sales, not your past and on the strength of your customers more so than your business.

Try Our Calculator

See how much cash you could receive based on your receivables ledger, with our easy to use calculator.


this 90% could be
yours in 48 hours


this is the remainder of the invoice which will be paid when your customer pays


the discount rate you could pre-agree with tim.

The cash flow funding pre agreed discount is indicative and based on customer terms, debtor strength and maybe higher or lower than shown. Apply Now for a cash flow account

Note: The above results are indicative only and should not be relied upon whatsoever as outputs are subject to change based on specific customer data, debtor strength, and other credit criteria required, which may result in higher or lower results than shown above.

tim. Offers A Great Solution To

Problems with slow paying customers

Start-ups successfully trading but struggling to get funding

Businesses who need immediate cash to help with working capital and growth

Seasonal cash flow fluctuations

tim. Funding Process

5 simple steps to secure funding

  • No application or set-up fees
  • No long lock-in contracts
  • No property security required

  • Choose only the invoices you want funded
  • No fees as you add more debtors

  • tim. checks the credit rating of your debtors and verifies each invoice
  • Open and honest appraisals

  • Get up to 90% of your invoices paid to you without any hold backs or fees
  • Get your money within just 24 hours of approval

  • The more you cash-flow with tim., the lower the discount fee can become
  • The balance due on your invoices are paid to you when your client pays their invoice, less a pre-agreed discount rate
  • tim. is paid when you are paid and not before

Why should I go with tim.?

We have funded over $350 million, to over 250 Australian businesses representing 20,000+ invoices.
Here are just a few of the many benefits of working with tim.:

  • Easy & fast application process

  • Funding within 24 hours

  • Low cost. No interest & no repayments

  • No lock-in contracts

  • Only pay for what you use when you use it

  • Available to all, not dependent on your assets or ATO debt

  • No property security required

  • No application, legal or setup fees

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Satisfied Client

The Invoice Market offered us a straightforward resolution to our cash flow issues which enabled us to continue to expand our business. Highly professional team, great service, prompt and easy to deal with.

Satisfied Client

Would recommend Invoice Market to anyone needing this type of service

Timeframe to set up an account was quick and easy. Professional and very friendly staff to deal with. Funds were made available with very little turnaround.

Yanneke Clarke

Make cash flow management easy by aligning your accounting software to tim.EX.
tim’s accounting interface is quick to activate and helps to manage money and pay suppliers..