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tim’s core objective is to support growing Australian businesses by providing “tomorrow’s cash flow today”.

We understand just how confusing Invoice Financing and Trade Finance fees can be, so we’ve made sure tim. is 100% transparent.
With tim. you elect the option that best suits the needs of your business.

Our executive management team, is based in Sydney having more than 100 years of small business finance experience. We have support and sales on the ground Australia wide. We ensure that our clients and referral partners (accountants, commercial finance brokers and other business advisers) have 24/7 access to our senior management team, giving unrivalled customer and client support. We have hundreds of such partners (and growing each week), who are always recommending our services and solutions.

Being a fintech, we ensure that our clients have 24 hour real-time access to their client account portal. Our system provides all the information you need to manage your cash flow in real-time.

tim’s Senior Executive Management Team

The Executive Team has more than 100 years of combined experience in business, both in senior positions at global corporates as well as having run their own businesses at some stage during their careers. Our team has a wealth of business finance experience and they know exactly what SME’s require when it comes to working capital requirements.

Steven Furman

Executive Chairman

Tel: 1300 694 686

Angus Sedgwick

Managing Director/CEO

Tel: 1300 694 686

Des Koelmeyer

Head of Credit

Tel: 1300 694 686

Elizabeth Abatte

Client Services Manager

Tel: 1300 694 686


Loves nothing more than helping business owners discover an easier way forward. Pointing out the path to success and growth. Fetching what is owed to them with the speed you’d expect of a character so agile, so energetic and so lean, with his origins as a pointer.

tim’s Clients

tim. In The Press

We get a real buzz every time we’re acknowledged in the press or receive an industry award.
Not as big a buzz as the one we get when we help another Australian business succeed. But a buzz nevertheless.
Each time we’re recognised, it serves as a friendly reminder that we’re doing things the right way.
Rather than the old way.

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tim. is pleased be a full member and a provider of services to the following membership associations/industry bodies: