Invoice Discounting

Fee-free, Flexible & Easy Business Funding

Need working capital quickly for your business but don’t want to create further debt? Then you’ll love tim. Australia’s leading ‘NextGen’ business funding provider. Don’t wait for 45 or 90 days for your clients to pay your invoices. Turn your outstanding invoices into cash within 24 hours with Invoice Discounting!

What is Invoice Discounting

“Cash is King” and never more so than in business. Businesses need cash to operate. They need to purchase supply inputs, pay staff, as well as cover bills such as rent, equipment leases, telco and energy costs, and they also need money to invest and grow.


All too often this cash is borrowed in the form of high interest unsecured loans or an overdraft. Whereas most businesses actually already have the money – there are usually thousands of dollars tied up in unpaid invoices at any one time. Invoice discounting unlocks that money. By getting your money upfront, instead of waiting 30 to 90+ days for an invoice to be paid, or needing to offer customers discounts for early payment, businesses can meet many of their funding needs including major investments with invoice discounting.


It’s the smart use of money.

Invoice Discounting offers a great solution to
Problems with slow paying customers

Start-ups successfully trading but struggling to get funding

Businesses who want their accounts receivables to work for them

Seasonal cash flow fluctuations

How much money can I get?

Typically, you receive up to 90% of your invoice/s value up front, in cash. You then receive the balance of the invoice/s, less the tim. agreed discount fee when your debtor/s pay your invoice/s.

You can essentially get as much as 90% of your total accounts receivable ledger, at any given time. Our easy-to-use calculator can help you work out how much money you could raise.

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Ok, how much does this REALLY cost?

tim. has no application fees to establish a Funding Account. So, there are no upfront fees before you receive funds from tim.

All you pay is a one-off amount on the invoices funded and only when your debtors pay their invoices. What this means is that you make no interest repayments.

Yes! That’s it. Simple and fair.

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Why Invoice Discounting

It’s the smart way to solve business cash flow needs


Well over $60 billion is funded to Australian businesses each year using their receivables ledger. The days of bank overdrafts linked to property security being the only option for funding are over, and invoice finance is becoming the preferred option for smart Australian SMEs.


It’s fee free
No application or set up fees, no monthly or ongoing fees, no repayments, no bank fees, and no property security required.

It’s 100% flexible
No locked-in contracts. Offer as many or as few invoices as you require to manage your cash flow within an agreed funding limit.

funding in 24 hours
Get your cash flowing now and grow your business.

Why should I go with tim?

We have funded over $310 million, to over 120 Australian businesses representing 18,000+ invoices.


Here are just a few of the many benefits of working with tim.:

Low risk – Protection against your client not paying you or defaulting on payment to your business with timSecure™ funding.

If you issue invoices and your client (the debtor fails to pay, and your business has not committed a fraudulent transaction) timSecure™ steps in and protects you and covers up to 90% of the funding and can also cover the legal costs to chase the client (debtor) if they fail to pay you. This is unlike business loans where you run the risk of losing your business as well as personal assets in case of a default.

Low cost – No interest & no repayments

With tim, interest is not charged at all and you are not locked into repayments on a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule. In fact, there are no repayments at all because tim. is not a bank or like other ‘unsecured’ cash flow lenders and does not force businesses into ongoing loan facilities with fixed repayment terms. All you pay is a low pre-agreed fee and only at the time when your client pays the invoice.

No restrictive contracts or lock-in periods

Flexible and tailored funding solution for your business. Your business is not burdened with ongoing contracts and repayment schedules. You can raise the cash flow against invoices whenever it suits you and your requirements.

Available to all, not dependent on assets or credit ratings

tim.’s invoice finance facility is available to every Australian business that invoices other businesses (B2B). We offer flexible funding facilities ranging from $50K to $5M. Even if you can’t get a business loan or overdraft, you can qualify for invoice discounting it is based on your current sales, not your past.


No application or setup fees, no undrawn line fee or quarterly audit fees, and no property security required. Other fees that the invoice market does not charge (compared to other lenders):

• No exit fees
• No unused facility fees
• No administration fees
• No audit fees
• No property security
Easy & fast application process

Apply online from the comfort of your home or business, no unnecessary paper-work. Get up to 85% of your invoices paid within 24-hours of approval. Our simple online system gives you full control over your financing.

So, what are you waiting for! Get in touch with a tim. expert today to find out how invoice discounting can work for your business.

Our Customers Have Rated Us “Great” On

Exceptional Customer Service
I came to TIM. for professional advice regarding a cash flow incident and was greeted with exceptional customer service from the staff. The employees presented themselves as professionals in their area and I would highly recommend this service to anyone seeking quick and knowledgeable enquiries regarding funding to their business.
Strongly Recommended
We were experiencing a cash flow issue due to rapid expansion in our business. We dealt with TIM and all the lovely staff were so helpful and within a short amount of time we were able to solve our issues and resolve our cash flow. I would definitely use TIM again if needed without hesitation. I would also recommend them without any doubt to anyone in need of their services.
Clarah Nel
Great to deal with
I would definitely recommend The Invoice Market. They have been great to deal with and very professional. We have been using The Invoice Market for 6 months now with no hassles and a very good working relationship.
Debbie Clarke
Managing Cash Flow Issues with The Invoice Market: Meet Loren Turnball

Invoice Discounting Process

5 simple steps to secure funding

  • No application or set-up fees
  • No monthly or ongoing fees
  • No lock-in contracts
  • No property security required

  • Choose only the invoices you want funded
  • No fees as you add more debtors

  • tim. checks the credit rating of your debtors and verifies each invoice
  • Open and honest appraisals

  • Get up to 90% of your invoices paid in cash without any hold backs or fees
  • 100% of the advance usually within just 24 hours of approval

  • The more you cash-flow with tim., the better the discount can become
  • The balance of your invoices is paid to you when your client pays the invoice, less a pre-agreed discount rate
  • tim. is paid when you are paid and not before

Frequently Asked Questions

How does invoice discounting compare to bank loans or unsecured loans?


When calculating the cost of loans, you must consider all the small print, set up fees and other costs as well as the annual interest. Invoice discounting is much simpler: it’s based on a fixed, pre-agreed fee and is NOT a debt at all. There are no repayments, no interest.


Is it risky?


No. Non-payment of the invoice is a risk, but with our timSecure™ solution your business is protected. Most importantly, there’s no need to plan for re-payment as there are no repayments. In fact, as a tim.customer, you make no payments at all; you simply receive the balance of your funding – when your debtor (your client) pays.


If I use tim., can my business still borrow money from other sources?


Absolutely. Because rather than lend money, tim. instead provides an online funding platform for the purchase of assets (unpaid invoices) from you. Quite often a business will use tim. in conjunction with a business overdraft or other debt facility.


Find out how much you can raise.
Use tim.’s easy invoice discounting calculator below to find out how much cash we can inject into your business right now!


this 80% could be
yours in 48 hours


this is the remainder of the invoice which will be paid when your customer pays


the discount rate you could pre-agree with tim.

The cash flow funding pre agreed discount is indicative and based on customer terms, debtor strength and maybe higher or lower than shown.

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