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Invoice discounting is a great way of ensuring your business has the healthy cash flow it needs to operate and thrive. It can also be a smart way to get funds the business requires to invest in growth without getting tied into a loan with a fixed repayment schedule at high interest rates.

Flexible invoice discounting offers an alternative to business overdrafts and unsecured loans by leveraging the thousands of dollars which businesses have tied up in unpaid invoices. By unlocking the cash in its accounts receivable ledger and getting that money today, a business can often meet all its finance requirements without having to sign up to a loan or give away equity.

As soon as you’re approved, you can upload some of your invoices or your entire Accounts Receivables ledger and you will receive the funds on the same day or within 24 hours of invoice verification. To get started, simply complete the online application form provided on our website. It will only take a few seconds and won’t affect your credit rating.

tim. charges no upfront application fees to set up an account, nor does tim. charge weekly or monthly interest and principal repayment fees like a traditional unsecured business loan. All you pay is a small percentage of the invoice value funded (called a discount fee) and only when your debtors pay their invoices. What this means is that you make no ongoing interest repayments at all. The actual discount fee charged varies based on the size and value of the business and the debtors being funded, suffice to say that it usually works out cheaper than taking out an unsecured business loan or even an unsecured overdraft facility. Yes, that’s correct – simple and fair.

tim’s cash flow funding solutions DO NOT require property security as collateral. We use your Accounts Receivables ledger as collateral. The larger your ledger, the more funds we will advance you with no other physical security.

Quick Online Application

It will only take a few seconds & will not affect your credit rating.

Invoice discounting is the smart use of money.

Problems with slow paying customers

Start-ups successfully trading but struggling to get funding

Businesses who want their accounts receivables to work for them

Seasonal cash flow fluctuations

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How much money can I get?

Typically, you receive up to 90% of your invoice/s value up front, in cash. You then receive the balance of the invoice/s, less the tim. agreed discount fee when your debtor/s pay your invoice/s.

You can access as much as 90% of your total accounts receivable ledger, at any given time. Our easy-to-use calculator can help you work out how much money you could raise.

So, where are the hidden charges?

With tim., there aren’t any. Not only is establishing a Funding Account completely free, there are no upfront fees on the process of getting cash. What’s more, invoice discounting is not a loan, so there are no interest repayments to be made.

You choose which invoices to fund with tim. and tim. will deduct a small discount fee only when your client pays their invoices, which credits your funding account allowing you to redraw to your approved Facility Limit for the new invoices you raise. You never need to worry about finding the money to repay the funding or the fee.

tim. really is that simple and fair.

Why Choose Invoice Discounting

It’s the flexible, fair way to meet your business funding needs.

Australian businesses traditionally relied on loans and bank overdrafts for their funding. This meant that they were forced to sign up to years of interest rates and repayments even when they only needed to cover a gap in their cash flow. No wonder that Australian businesses have embraced invoice discounting to the tune of $60 billion a year. Australian SMEs who use invoice discounting are getting a far better and fairer deal.

No Hidden Fees

We’ve said it before, but we’ll say it again because Australian SMEs are so used to the hidden fees and rates charged by banks that they can’t believe it. tim. has no hidden application or set up fees.

It’s 100% flexible

With tim., you are in control. Use our online system to manage your cash flow and chose the invoices and debtors you want to cash, as and when required.

Funding in 24 hours

Don’t wait weeks or months for your money.

Why tim.?

Our fair and easy system has proved extremely popular.  We’ve arranged funding on more than 22,000 invoices, handing over $365 million to Australian businesses, months before they would have seen the cash from clients.

The benefits of working with tim. include:

  • Available to all

    Your credit history is not important and we don’t care if the banks will give you a loan or not. Because your invoice is a guarantee that the money is on the way, invoice discounting with tim. is available to every Australian business that invoices other businesses (B2B). Flexible funding facilities ranging from $50,000 to $5.0 million are available to Australian SMEs with suitable receivables on their ledger.

  • Low cost

    Not only is tim’s single discount system fair, it’s highly cost effective. We don’t charge interest, and we don’t lock our clients into re-payment schedules that lead to extra charges when they aren’t met. And there are no application or set-up fees.

  • Low risk

    Unlike banks, who will take your business and your personal assets if you can’t pay them back, tim’s only claim is on the invoices you offer for discounting. We even have a proprietary system, timSecure™ to protect you if your client doesn’t pay. Provided you acted within the law, you can rest safe in the knowledge that timSecure™ can cover up to 90% of the funding on a defaulted invoice and can also help to chase a debtor who failed to pay.

  • No restrictive contracts or long lock-in periods

    tim. offers flexible invoice discounting. It’s what we were set up to do, with an easy-to-use online account that gives businesses full control of their cash flow. That means no long lock-in periods or re-payment schedules.  Your funding is automatically repaid as invoices are settled.

  • Easy & fast

    Getting your money to you fast is our priority. 90% of invoices are paid within 24-hours of approval. And with our online account giving you full control, you draw down funds when you need to.

  • No hidden fees

    With most lenders, there’s a hidden catch. Not with tim’s flexible invoice discounting, which is based on a single fixed-amount payment. Here are some of the fees that other lenders charge, but tim. doesn’t:

    • No set-up fees
    • No exit fees
    • No unused facility fees
    • No audit fees
    • No property security

Our Customers Have
Rated Us “Great”

Extremely great service

The personal service & inter-action was extremely gratifying, as a result we were able to do business, which has put our company in a very positive position, I can't speak highly enough of these professionals and would do business with them again, definitely recommend the great service they provide to anyone.

Boy Wetini

Excellent and Professional

We were experiencing a cash flow issue due to rapid expansion in our business. We dealt with TIM and all the lovely staff were so helpful and within a short amount of time we were able to solve our issues and resolve our cash flow. I would definitely use TIM again if needed without hesitation. I would also recommend them without any doubt to anyone in need of their services.

Clarah Nel

tim. Funding Process

5 simple steps to secure funding

  • No application or set-up fees
  • No long lock-in contracts
  • No property security required

  • Choose only the invoices you want funded
  • No fees as you add more debtors

  • tim. checks the credit rating of your debtors and verifies each invoice
  • Open and honest appraisals

  • Get up to 90% of your invoices paid to you without any hold backs or fees
  • Get your money within just 24 hours of approval

  • The more you cash-flow with tim., the lower the discount fee can become
  • The balance due on your invoices are paid to you when your client pays their invoice, less a pre-agreed discount rate
  • tim. is paid when you are paid and not before

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