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tim’s Supply Chain Finance solution is a line of credit that can be used for import buying, export selling, local buying and for stock/inventory purposes. The line of credit enables you to pay tim. up to 90 days after paying your suppliers, allowing you to order goods, receive them, sell to your customer and be paid.
Our credit approval processes are far easier than the banks so it can avoid you in having to go through a very complicated process with your financial institution to set up or apply for funding to pay for your purchase of goods from overseas or local suppliers. The limit provided can be drawn, repaid and used repeatedly.
This funding is for businesses wanting simple unsecured trade finance to purchase goods from domestic or overseas suppliers. Whether you need finance to take advantage of a buying opportunity or just smooth out cash flows, we will ensure your suppliers are paid.
tim. will fund up to 100% of the purchase price of the approved supplier invoices.

The line of credit can be used for both raw materials and finished goods. In fact, so long as the goods are legal, it can be used for almost any type of goods being imported, exported or bought locally.

The maximum term is 90 days from shipping date (for overseas suppliers) or 90 days from invoice date (for domestic suppliers).

Quick Online Application

It will only take a few seconds & will not affect your credit rating.

How Does it Work?

After ordering from the Supplier (1), the supplier then fulfills the order and invoices your business/the Buyer (3). The Buyer then approves the supplier’s invoices and confirms that it will pay tim. for these as and when they fall due (2). The Supplier and the Buyer agree to an early payment discount for payment on delivery (4). tim. pays the Supplier (5). The buyer pays tim. as agreed, as per the payment terms (6).

Why Supply Chain Finance (“SCF”)

Supply Chain Finance, also referred to as Purchase Order Finance, Trade Finance or Import Finance, can offer the flexibility businesses need via a revolving line of credit, to pay your suppliers – using someone else’s money to settle your accounts payable. This assists growth whilst smoothing any cash flow volatility and lets you focus on closing new sales rather than worrying about financing them.

Flexible Terms

Unsecured (no property security required) and it doesn’t impact your banking arrangements. It allows you to buy stock and sell it before you have to pay for it.

Fast and Easy Approval

We typically have your finance approved within a few days and payment is made to your suppliers on day of receipt of your goods or prior to shipment, if overseas.

Overseas Support

When importing we have partners on the ground in China, Europe and the USA to help negotiate directly with the factories to ensure payment is made on time and at the best possible price.

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Why Should I Get Supply Chain Finance (Trade Finance) From tim.?

We have funded over $365 million, to over 250 Australian businesses representing 22,000+ invoices.
Here are just a few of the many benefits of working with tim.:

  • No property security required

    There is no interference with any of your current banking relationships nor is there any property security required.

  • Additional Credit

    tim’s Supply Chain Finance (Trade Finance) facility can be used an extra line of credit that does not interfere with your current banking (if any) arrangements. Our credit line may provide you with additional credit that your business requires.

  • No upfront fees

    No application or set-up fees, no undrawn line fee, no quarterly audit fees and no early repayment fees. It’s there when you need it and is a perfect facility for business growth and/or seasonal requirements

  • Fast approval

    We can have your a facility approved within 5 days so there is no need to accept delays commonly associated with banks’ approvals.

  • Supplier relationship and payment

    tim. does not interfere with your valuable relationship with your suppliers – we simply pay them as arranged by you according to whatever arrangements the supplier requires (telegraphic transfer, letter of credit or electronic funds transfer), against documents and invoices or as otherwise arranged.

  • Flexible terms

    tim. works with you and we can evaluate special projects or orders to provide flexible arrangements to suit your contractual obligations and provide a credit line as and when required.

  • Available to all, not dependent on assets or credit ratings

    tim’s Supply Chain Finance is available to every Australian business that buys and sells product. We offer flexible funding facilities ranging from $50,000 to $5.0million. Even if you can’t get a business loan or overdraft, you can qualify for Supply Chain Finance (Trade Finance) as it is based on your sales, not purely on your past.

Our Customers Have
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Extremely great service

The personal service & inter-action was extremely gratifying, as a result we were able to do business, which has put our company in a very positive position, I can't speak highly enough of these professionals and would do business with them again, definitely recommend the great service they provide to anyone.

Boy Wetini

Excellent and Professional

We were experiencing a cash flow issue due to rapid expansion in our business. We dealt with TIM and all the lovely staff were so helpful and within a short amount of time we were able to solve our issues and resolve our cash flow. I would definitely use TIM again if needed without hesitation. I would also recommend them without any doubt to anyone in need of their services.

Clarah Nel

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